The Homes

The Basic Model

This portion is just a preliminary idea and concept. As the group forms they may decide they want a different layout or style entirely and it is all subject to change.

The footprint for all the homes is 25'x57', on the exterior dimensions. This puts living space inside the walls at 23.4'x55.4', or 1296 sqft. The Basic Model is a zero-entry model, fully ADA compliant for wheel-chair access and in-place aging. The interior is customizable within that footprint, but a few layouts are offered to give some ideas, but can be semi-custom designed by each homeowner.

The finishes are homeowner determined. The cheapest model will have stained concrete floors throughout, 1/2" gypsum throughout, concrete countertops and bath and shower surrounds, and basic painted MDF trim. For those who want a higher end finish they can opt for various floor coverings, 5/8" gypsum throughout, granite/quarts/formica countertops, tile/granite/fiberglass bath and shower surrounds, wood trim and interior doors, etc. Faucets and electrical fixtures also vary greatly in cost and are owner specified.

Items that are standard as far as construction on every house is a Frost-Protected Shallow Foundation (with r-15 insulation beneath the slab), zero-entry transitions for all doorways and showers, in-floor radiant heating, a tankless water heater that runs the heating and domestic hot water, 6" ICF walls (r-26), European Styled Tilt-Turn Windows and Doors (r-7) installed to be air-tight, an HRV for indoor air quality, sealed attic space with r-60+ cellulose insulation, 8'-8" ceilings and walls, and standing seam metal roofing. For those that want more efficiency, an additional r-16 is available for the walls.

The exterior of all the houses is either a stone, cement siding, synthetic stucco, or Smart siding. The basic level would be artificial stone with tab or adhesive application. Other options include brick, natural stone, and stucco, depending on the skill and/or desires of the homeowner. This eliminates all wood products on the exterior to eliminate rot and increase longevity, durability, and ease of maintenance.

The INTERIOR dimensions of the various homes are shown below. The outcropping is an exterior porch, not inside the conditioned house envelope.

The Ruby Model is shown below. Each household can customize their interior.

The Ruby Model with Attic Trusses, Offers a Studio Apartment (Shown Below) on the Second Level

The Sierra Model is shown below. Each household can customize their interior. * This side entrance model doesn't have a planned location in the current site layout*

The Larecca Model is shown below. Each household can customize their interior.

The Shelly Model is shown below. Each household can customize their interior.

Three Tiny Homes

If you notice on the Site Plan there are three tiny homes (labeled lots 13,14, and 15). These homes are 350 sqft and are only a studio apartment sized about 10'x35'(interior dimensions). They may have lofts or not, depending on preference. These homes do not have a garage in the common building, just carport parking. Like the basic model, the interior and window/door locations are able to be modified to suit the homeowner. These homes are expected to be about $?.