Design Elements

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication - L. Da Vinci | Flickr


Using simple shapes and geometries the simple lines of the development make it aesthetically minimal, while also saving significantly on costs. The shapes also increase energy efficiency, maximize land usage, and create a sense of similarity among the group.


The physical features as well as the social features are designed specifically to engender togetherness. Between a robust common gathering place, continuous walking path ways to houses, group dinners, and shared workspaces, community members will meet and know each other well.


While being in somewhat closer quarters than what some are familiar with, the homes nest to provide privacy and shading from neighboring windows, and use sound proof houses. Short fences and other details help designate personal space from public space and offer a balance of privacy and openness.

ample amenities

A key feature to Colorado Springs Cohousing that is distinct from most cohousing neighborhoods is the vast list of amenities. The commons building boasts both public and personal spaces designed so you can live a little smaller overall, but live a bigger lifestyle without having to cut corners, or short change your hobbies.


The construction of the homes and community building are designed for longevity and ease of ownership. With long lasting standing seam metal roofing, fiber cement and stone cladding, and Insulated Concrete Form construction, these buildings are designed to make life easy and comfy.


The efficiency of these homes is in the top tier available anywhere. With super insulated wall, floor, and ceiling systems these homes and common building use very little energy. A photovoltaic, and possibly photohydronic, solar set are planned to make this community near net-zero, if not energy positive.


Form without function isn't aesthetic; it's off-putting and wasteful. We maximize the use of space by combining resources to the common building and have loaded it with elements to get the most out of the space. We try to consider every use and make things adaptive in nature to maximize the benefits.


Having things in common makes economical sense, as well as social sense. Sharing increases responsibility, reduces waste/redundancy, and encourages interpersonal relationships. While learning to share takes effort, we believe the benefits far outweigh the isolation and expenses of not sharing.


We believe people are dynamic, rather than static, and so the governance is also dynamic. By using fast acting and iterative governance models, such as sociocracy, we satisfy more community members and obtain better and higher quality results in less time with less resources. A win-win situation for all!