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This page will be updated as new members commit to being part of the community. A short biography will be provided with a picture so you can get to know your future neighbors. Some have included contact information so you can ask them questions to get a better sense of who they are before you commit to join us. We are very much a proactive neighborhood and seek to have you know what you're getting in to, (and not getting in to), before making any decisions. Thanks for stopping by!

Joshua and Niki Ruby

Joshua and Niki are both from Colorado Springs, CO. They have a nine year old daughter, Zipporah, and a one year old son, Zadok.

Joshua loves to work, play, and travel. Specifically, he designs and develops custom housing, teaches methods of construction and fabrication, works to research and implement poverty alleviation systems, and loves to build with his own hands. He loves pickleball, volleyball, wrestling, non-RP board games, woodworking, fabrication, sewing, movies, musicals, serving others, and traveling, particularly foreign.

Niki loves children and to make people smile. She loves crochet, capoeira, movies, non-RP board games, travel, linguistics, reading, and spreading joy. She is the Bubble Fairy at Renaissance Faires and birthday parties, as well as a Capoeira instructor. She also teaches courses in crochet and makes custom crochet projects.

Zipporah loves to learn, create, and play! She reads like breathing and is always inventing and designing new things to play with. She has a story for every stuffed animal and every stuffed animal has a story. She loves reading, baking, playing with friends, making new friends, capoeira, learning Portuguese, and learning science.

Zadok loves to eat and it shows. He also loves to move and be active, push around the vacuum, bang on his drums, bob his head and dance on a bean bag, and smile. He is also very independent and let's you know his displeasure if you are interrupting his intentions.

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