HOA (HomeOwner Association), and CCRs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions), can often leave people stressed, anxious, up in arms, or simply curious. While there are stories rife on both sides of the aisle for the good and bad of these structuring/governing bodies, this neighborhood is definitely going to need one. That said, we will employ the best option possible to preserve the quality of the neighborhood while respecting personal times, interests, abilities, and liberty. We believe overall that anyone can get along if they have a mind to.

The HOA/CC&Rs are not drafted for this community yet. However, if you would like to see what the template of the guidelines are for this community, please see Heartwood Commons Documents. We will be using their documentation as our standard template with slight modifications changing to our circumstance and facilities, but in the same vein of governance. You can access them at this link: https://www.heartwoodcohousing.com/documents.html And, since this is intended to be a group governed development, it is hoped to have feedback on any changes/amendments that you would propose to this template before the final HOA/CC&Rs documents are finalized.