The Community Building


Community Building Main Floor. Each garage is 12'x30'. The building is around 65'x165'. A greenhouse runs along the length of the south side. Everything is ADA accessible and designed for high functionality and efficient use of space.

Community Building Upper Level. The interior of the building is framed with 2x4 and partitioned to give each household a 'flex room' above their garage bay. It also includes several crafting areas. An elevator serves to make this area ADA accessible as well.

Basement of the Community Building. *(Due to possible high ground water and possible budget constraints, the basement may not be feasible). Stairs come down from the kitchen area. The entire basement has a suspended slab concrete ceiling, 9' tall, so it is a 'safe-room' of sorts in case of emergencies. It is poured with 8" ICF walls. A great place to store food, emergency supplies, and other needs.

The shooting range could be extended if desired, this is a preliminary option. The shooting range could also serve as more storage, or possibly fish tank areas for a large aquaponics system that circulates to the greenhouse. (Indeed the shooting range was just an idea that came from having a fully encased concrete room and it made it a feasible option.)

The mechanical system for the pool and hot tub, as well as for the heating of the whole building, is located in the basement as well.

It also has a washer and dryer in case someone would like to not buy their own, or theirs breaks. It includes a bathroom with shower in case of emergencies. The small box in the food storage room is a wood fired rocket mass heater stove for emergencies, ducted through the same chimney as the upper floor fireplaces (just in a separate flue).