Awesome Friendships

Since the very basic premise of this neighborhood is built on the basis of mutual responsibility, where the members provide the management of the neighborhood, the very real friendships that form while working shoulder to shoulder are realized more effectually. People from all aspects of life but with a shared desire to work alongside cooperatively is one of our favorite aspects of this neighborhood. This creates a vested interest in the ownership and maintenance of the community, and helps safeguard the culture beyond what just documents can establish.

Community Meals

Wouldn't it be nice to have friends over more often? Or not have to cook every night? Voila, the solution is the Community Meal program! Typically dinners are provided multiple times a week on a rotating schedule of lead cooks and cleanup crews. This allows for resources to go further, a chance to mingle with friends and families, have a greater variety of food options and styles, as well as the benefit of reducing the burden of cooking every night. The frequency and governance of the program is established through iteration until a solution that works for everyone is determined.

Gym Partners

There are many things that it is not a 'loss' to combine as a group effort. Home gyms are one of them! With close friends as neighbors, the likelihood of maintaining your workout routine and goals is greatly amplified by having a community workout space with intrinsic workout partners. Coupled with the fact that the gym overviews the kids play room makes it even easier to bypass excuses and accomplish your intentions.

Intergenerational Blending

There is something to be said of the wisdom of the elders combining with the backs of the youth. They work better when they are in tandem. By having older members, as well as young members, and every age in between, it creates a natural social network of varied life experiences so everyone can grow and benefit from one another. From having de-facto grandparents and grandchildren, to having a sense of family away from our birth families, the diversity of the community helps bring a greater sense of fulfillment and cultural enrichment that is often not feasible in other housing.

Business/ Office Space

The flex rooms above the garages in the common building make great spaces for work or personal hobbies. Each room is ~12'x30' with a 5'x3' window. They can be used for storage, or hobbies, or an in-home business. It provides the separation so you can designate it for work, but still eliminate the commute. It also provides certain occupations great benefits by being in the same building as the other amenities such as the pool and exercise rooms. Physical therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, and other similar businesses would be a perfect fit!

Energy Efficiency for Less

It is well known that construction materials are expensive. It is also believed, and sometimes true, that better materials and methods are more expensive. By simplified design with energy efficient construction we can reduce upfront costs as well as save on ongoing energy and repair costs.

Shared Responsibility

Having an acre of land sounds like a lot of fun until you realize you have to take care of it. All of it. Alone! With a neighborhood like Colorado Springs Cohousing, a cohousing model, each household will have their own private yard to maintain but have a large shared space that has community shared maintenance. By spreading the load it allows you to enjoy the space you have rather than dread about it. You get your space and friends to share it with! The governance of responsibilities is done through sociocracy, an iterative, continual improvement method that always adapts to adopt the best and most preferred solution available so everyone is satisfied.

'Live Large on the Small'

Many people worry about moving into a cohousing neighborhood, or 'downsizing', because they are concerned they will lose their space to be able to do things. To offset costs, but maintain access to great features, Colorado Springs Cohousing will have a robust community building. By grouping all the resources into one large whole, a much more efficient use of resources is accomplished. Higher quality equipment, more amenities, and more people to use them with. It would take more than a two million dollar house to have near the same amenities as Colorado Springs Cohousing, but with shared resources, you can have less house to clean and still more room to play, create, socialize, and enjoy!